A Message From The President

My name is David Anthony Pope, great-grandson of Generoso Pope. It is my distinct honor and privilege to serve as President and Chief Executive Officer of the philanthropic family foundation that bears my great-grandfather’s name. Generoso, whose fitting name means generous in Italian, was a true visionary who did more than dream; he faithfully implemented his ideas one after another, changing lives, causes, and cities for the better. Our mission is to give back to the community in which the Pope family built its legacy. We have always felt the obligation to give aid where we believe it is most needed.

Our grantees range from hospitals and nursing homes to cultural events in the community and educational initiatives. After the birth of my own children, I became extremely passionate about children’s advocacy and education programs. Every child deserves a safe environment to grow up in and a quality education. I endeavor to make that ideal a reality in our community and beyond.

As a Westchester native and resident, I have been a dedicated supporter of our local police, fire departments, and municipalities in order to keep our environment safe, efficient, and cohesive.

Community events and traditions are also paramount to me, as they, like culture, help us to understand who we are and root us in something larger and greater than ourselves. That’s why we’re proud to sponsor events like Tuckahoe’s St Pio Festival and Winterfest each year, among many others.

As we proceed into this millennium, with such rapidly evolving technology unraveling our social and community fibers, we at the Generoso Pope Foundation strive to strengthen community and family ties by supporting the civic and cultural infrastructure that holds us together, as well as aiding the struggling, deserving individuals and families within it. I wish you success, health, and happiness from the Pope family to yours.

Very Truly Yours,
David Anthony Pope

Generoso Pope Foundation Tuckahoe David

David Anthony Pope, President and CEO