Angelica Hale

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Angelica Hale is a 10 year old with powerful vocals that are bound to impress you. She hit stardom when she auditioned on NBC’s hit show, America’s Got Talent in 2017. Angelica won the heart of not only the judges, but all of America when her audition went viral. Angelica got the “Golden Buzzer” during her second audition, which automatically advanced her straight into the live shows.

Most of us do not remember what life was like before Kindergarten, but Angelica had already lived a lifetime by the time she finished Pre-K.  When she was only 4 years old, she developed a bacterial infection in her lungs that would develop into double pneumonia and cause her to go septic, destroying her kidneys and ravaging her body.  Two weeks on ECMO, many more weeks in the ICU, and a total of 80 days in the hospital, Angelica would finally return home with her family for the first time in three months, but her life would never be the same. Hemodialysis and later peritoneal dialysis would be Angelica’s new “normal” for the next year and a half until she found a suitable donor match for a kidney transplant.  After months of testing, it was discovered that Angelica’s mother was a perfect match!

A few months after Angelica recovered from her serious illness and returned home, her parents encouraged her to pursue her dream of becoming a singer and gave her singing lessons.  It became clear almost immediately:  singing was Angelica’s calling, and using her God given talent to tell her story and inspire others was her purpose!

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