Westchester Magazine Names David Anthony Pope as “Best of Westchester” Philanthropist for 2020

Westchester Magazine held it’s 20th annual “Best of Westchester” competition, which awarded Westchester residents and businesses titles in categories, ranging from best diners, to best politician.

David Anthony Pope, President & CEO of the Generoso Pope Foundation, was awarded the title of the “Best Philanthropist in Westchester,” for the 2020 issue. David won alongside Westchester County Executive, George Latimer, and Lisa Salvadorini, from News12 Westchester, who won in their respected categories. Ballots were submitted to the online Readers’ Ballot from early December to the end of January.

This is the second year David has won the title, with 2018 being the first. “The support from the community means a lot,” David Anthony Pope said in a statement. “The Generoso Pope Foundation’s Board of Directors and I have always felt it was important to give back to Westchester’s residents, charities and government. We will continue our efforts, as we have for decades, to bring people together, give students academic opportunities, and to make sure that Westchester maintains to be a beautiful place to live in.”

The 2020 “Best of Westchester” results can be seen in the July issue of Westchester Magazine.