Pope Foundation Aids Emergency Service Departments

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Infrared cameras, bullet proof vests, defibrillators, canine units, and Chevrolet “Fly-Cars” are among the state-of-the-art equipment that emergency services units throughout Westchester County, NY have been able to acquire with the ongoing support of the Generoso Pope Foundation.

Over the past decade, the Pope Foundation has partnered with the Eastchester Auxillary Police Department (EAPD), the Eastchester Volunteer Ambulance Corps (EVAC), the Yonkers Fire Department, and other related organizations, offering matching grants to be used for the purchase of special equipment not covered by their regular operating budgets.

For example, three Raytheon X 200XP Infrared cameras cost the EPD nearly $23,000, which was funded entirely by a Pope Foundation grant. Now, the police officers have the technology to improve their surveillance abilities at night.

Chief Jude Valerioti of EVAC appreciates the donations, including the $20,000 grant for a new computer system, noting that the cost to run his corps “has remained primarily off the tax rolls because of efforts such as those by the Generoso Pope Foundation.”