10 Year Old Pays It Forward with Lemonade Stand

Lanay Greshan, a 10 year old girl from Tuckahoe, NY got an unexpected surprise at her lemonade stand this past week. Lanay wanted to join the Tuckahoe Youth Cheerleading Squad and  help her mother pay for the funds. She decided to have a lemonade stand in order to raise enough funds to join the team. “My ‘Yay Mommy’ gene kicked in,” Lanay’s mother said. “It’s like I’m doing something right. My child is 10 years old. She says to me ‘Mom, I want to help you out by helping myself and paying for this.'” What happened next left Lanay in tears.

An unexpected customer stopped by the stand and told Lanay that he would pay for all of her funds for the program. On top of that, he said he would match any of the funds she raised to donate it to a charity of her choice. That man was David Anthony Pope, President and CEO of the Generoso Pope Foundation.

“I started crying tears of joy,” Lanay said with a smile. Lanay raised over $500, making a $1,000 donation of books and toys for children at the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital in Valhalla, NY. David Pope then offered to pay the full $1,000 donation as a deal that Lanay would put the $500 she raised towards college. “It is such an inspiring story,” David Pope said in a statement. “I was so impressed with Lanay’s ambition. All of us at the Generoso Pope Foundation are truly proud of her.”

Lanay and David Pope pay for books that were donated to Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital. Photo/Sibylla Chipaziwa/Eastchester Review

Lanay’s story was featured on Fios1, as seen below.

Lanay Lemondade Stand Tuckahoe Cheerleading David Pope Genroso Pope Foundation