Pope Foundation Sponsors Study Abroad Program

Maria Regina High School celebrated it’s 60th Anniversary with a Gala honoring David Anthony Pope, President and CEO of the Generoso Pope Foundation. The diamond anniversary gala was held at the VIP Country Club in New Rochelle, New York on October 20.

David was introduced by Miss Paula Santos, who stated, “David Pope has no reason to give to Maria Regina. His beautiful daughter doesn’t go to Maria Regina. David is giving because that is the nature of his family. His great grandfather, Generoso Pope, started the foundation and his name means ‘generous,’ in Italian, fittingly so, and was in David’s words, ‘A visionary. A man who faithfully implemented his ideas, one after another, changing lives, causes and cities for the better.’ Well, his grandson is truly taking after him.”

David has been working with administrators and President, Valerie Reidy, to advance their Italian program. “The only all-girls Catholic school in Westchester to provide Italian studies deserved more,” David Pope said. “We feel it is very important to immerse students directly in the culture.” The Pope Foundation is introducing and sponsoring an Italian immersion program, which will allow students to travel and study abroad in Italy.

David made an exciting announcement at the Gala, revealing the foundation would be covering the costs for all the girls who are traveling to Italy for this year’s program.

The Generoso Pope Foundation recently donated a new sign and bronze tigers that adorn the entrance of the school. A new “Spirit Wall,” as David calls it, was installed and welcomes visitors with, “Welcome to Tiger Nation.”


The new "Spirit Wall" welcomes visitors as they enter the high school.


David Pope reading thank you cards from Maria Regina students.


David Pope with Maria Regina students in front of the new "Spirit Wall"


The newly donated sign and bronze tigers adorn the front entrance of the high school