Pope Foundation Unveils New Website

The Generoso Pope Foundation has unveiled a new website. Combining the former website’s basics with new ideas and updated technology, the new GPFNY.org was created. “Normally a new website is not a big deal, but for us, it is,” said AJ Pope. “This reinforces our continuing effort to reach out into the community and make them a part of our story. We have never been able to do this, but now with technology, we can.”

The new website is more sleeker, easier for visitors to use and is more useful. “One of the new features we are excited about is our new ‘Subscribe’ feature. We receive calls all the time asking when and what our next events are.” Visitors can sign up for email updates and receive news on upcoming events. “This allows visitors to know about upcoming events first hand, and sometimes even getting a behind-the-scenes look. So far, the feedback has been great. Hundreds have signed up already and it was just introduced. Now the pressure is on,” AJ said jokingly.

A new “Events” tab allows visitors to see all upcoming events, with all the details they need to know. The website is also a lot more interactive. Visitors can take a tour of the Pope Foundation building’s facilities. On desktop computers, new videos showcase the beauty and grandeur of the timeless spaces.

GPF New Website