Tuckahoe Police Expands Motorcycle Unit

The Village of Tuckahoe Police Department has added two new Harley-Davidson Electra Glide motorcycles to their motorcycle fleet. The purchase of the two new bikes were made possible by a $45,000 grant from the Generoso Pope Foundation.

The Motorcycle Unit was formed in 2012, when the Generoso Pope Foundation gifted a grant of $60,000. The formation of the unit ended a 50 year period of not having a motorcycle unit since the 1950’s. Since 2012, the Unit has been a huge success in the Department’s community policing efforts. Members of the unit are very accessible and easily approachable. Citizens of all ages are drawn to the motorcycles and it enables members to interact with the community. The Unit consists of four members who have been specially trained and have volunteered to operate the motorcycles on a part-time basis.

The motorcycles are a very visible means of patrol, with the primary function of traffic enforcement. The maneuverability of the motorcycles and the ability to accelerate quickly make them excellent tools to enforce speeding violations and other traffic offenses. Secondary used have been escorts, parades and other ceremonial details. “The motorcycle unit has given great positive exposure to the police department,” said Mayor Steve Ecklond. He added, “Motorcycles have proven to be an excellent method addressing traffic safety concerns and quality of life issues not easily performed with patrol cars.”

David Anthony Pope, President & CEO of the Generoso Pope Foundation is proud to be a supporter of the public safety initiatives in the Village of Tuckahoe, and beyond. Past funding from the Foundation has aided the Department in purchasing license plate readers, digital fingerprinting, thermal imaging equipment and ballistic shields. Tuckahoe Police Chief John Costanzo, said “We are so grateful to David Pope and the entire Generoso Pope Foundation for their ongoing commitment to the safety of our citizens and police officers alike.”

Generoso Pope Foundation Tuckahoe Police Department David Anthony Pope Motorcycle Unit