The Westchester Italian Cultural Center Opens it’s Doors

After years of renovations, the Westchester Italian Cultural Center has finally opened.

The Westchester Italian Cultural Center is the realization of the dream of Generoso Pope, an Italian immigrant who made his fortune in the United States through hard work, sacrifice, and determination. He strongly encouraged other Italian immigrants to embrace their new country by learning English and acquiring citizenship. He also strongly emphasized the importance of education. He donated substantially to educational institutions, hospitals, and civic and religious charities. In 1947, he founded the Generoso Pope Foundation to ensure the continuation of his philanthropy. His son, Anthony J. Pope, always dreamed of a center where Italian-Americans can practice and enjoy their culture.

In 2005, the Foundation honored its founder’s vision by purchasing a building in the center of Tuckahoe, New York and spent three years renovating the center. The building formerly served as Tuckahoe Village Hall and even Eastchester Town Hall for a short time. “As we worked, townspeople kept stopping by with their memories,” said Mr. Pope, who estimated that about 40 percent of Tuckahoe’s population is Italian-American. “Former mayors wanted to see their old office. Elderly couples wanted to renew their wedding vows. I realized it wasn’t a renovation we were doing, but a restoration.”

The 10,000 square foot facility is a like no other in the nation. A library, wine cellar, theater, board room, dining room, two exhibit halls and more provides an abundance of space for the cultural center. The grand foyer features Tuckahoe marble and a stained glass window that can be seen 3 stories above.

In the great tradition of Generoso Pope, the Westchester Italian Cultural Center will continue to provide quality programming, unique educational courses, and fun and engaging ways to keep Italian culture alive for now and for generations to come.

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