New York-born, Miami-raised Latin freestyle artist Jose Coro broke into the music industry as a background vocalist and dancer for Stevie B. Shortly after a return to New York, Coro got his recording career off the ground with “Where Are You Tonight,” a single produced by Zahid Tariq and Hector “Ziggy” Gonzalez with Todd Terry, released in 1989 on the venerable Cutting label. In 1991, the year the Cutting and Charisma labels partnered to issue Coro’s self-titled album, the singer peaked commercially with “My Fallen Angel,” which reached number 54 on the Billboard Hot 100 in August 1991. Coro released a handful of Cutting singles during the remainder of the ’90s, continued to perform well after that, and returned during the early 2010s with the single “Sexy Lady.”

Take a look at some of Coro’s hits below!