Evie Clair

Generoso Pope Foundation Tuckahoe David Music Festival Concert St.Pio

Evie Clair is 13 years old and has been playing piano and singing since she was two. Evie got her start at age 8 singing at tap dancing in Anne at Hale Theater. She performed the National Anthem at an Arizona Diamondbacks game, released two original pop singles and received one of three Judges Choice awards in a world-wide contest for her cover of “Glorious.” Her music video cover of “Take On Me” was awarded by Arizona Interfaith Movement for promoting the Golden Rule and presented at the Parliament of the World’s Religions and she recorded an album produced by Arizona Golden Rule Educational Experiences called “Stars Shine Brightly.”

Evie won a contest to sing the theme song for the movie “Once I was a Beehive” and was able to perform it live for the official movie premier.  She also had an original song featured on the movie soundtrack. In 2015 and 2016, Evie Clair was invited to participate in a world-wide Christmas initiative with a cover of “Mary Did You Know” and released her pop single “Love You One More Time.” In 2017, Evie Clair was featured on Season 12 of America’s Got Talent and brought the world to tears.

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