Sugarhill Gang

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The Sugarhill Gang made history in 1979 with “Rappers Delight.” The song was the first commercial rap record ever made and later went on to become the largest selling 12” single of all time, with over 15 million records sold. The Sugarhill Gang was the first rap group to tour throughout the world and to appear on national TV shows such as: American Band Stand, Solid Gold, Soul Train and Wonderama, as well as on England’s #1 TV show, Top of the Pops.

In addition, the Sugarhill Gang has received numerous gold and platinum 12” singles and albums status under their belts such as: “8th Wonder,” “Showdown,” “Kick It Live From 9 to 5,” “Livin’ In The Fast Lane” and “Apache.” Many artists today have sampled and performed Sugarhill Gang’s songs such as: Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J, Lil Kim, 50 Cent, and Pitbull to name a few.

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